Focused, high-intensity lighting designed specifically for work areas and tasks is known as task lighting. This type of illumination allows you to see detailed activities more clearly by directing bright light exactly where it’s needed. Common uses of task lighting include reading, writing,  assembling items, cooking, and paperwork. The goal of task lighting is to reduce eyestrain and fatigue by providing adequate brightness on the work surface without glare. It also helps improve productivity and accuracy by increasing visibility.

Some frequent forms of task lighting include portable desk and table lamps, wall-mounted fixtures near workstations, under-cabinet lighting in kitchens, adjustable track heads, and linear lights mounted underneath shelves. When selecting task fixtures, it’s important to choose products that can be flexibly positioned and aimed to put light precisely on the work area. Quality task lighting creates the ideal visual environment for occupational tasks, hobbies, and detailed work requiring close focus.

Some examples of lighting fixtures used for task lighting are: desk lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, wall-mounted lights, pendant lights, track lights, under-cabinet lights, linear lights, adjustable arms, and portable lights.