The Tetra line of mains dimmable LED drivers provides efficient, flicker-free dimming capabilities directly through your mains wiring. This eliminates the need for external dimming controls and circuitry.

Tetra’s robust drivers allow you to easily fine-tune your lighting ambience from subtle mood lighting to bright, task-oriented illumination. Integrate Tetra with automation systems for scheduled, automated control based on time of day, occupancy, daylight and more.

Our ultra-compact housing ensures flexible, out-of-sight installation, even in tight spaces. Tetra’s advanced thermal management and protections ensure optimal LED lifespan by preventing overheating, overdriving and component failure.

Tetra supports the latest LED dimming protocols for seamless performance across all LED fixture types, including strips, bulbs, and modules. Adjust brightness seamlessly without annoying flickers or buzzing.

With wattages ranging from 30W to 300W, Tetra has the right dimmable driver for any residential, commercial or industrial LED lighting application.

60W Mains Dimmable LED Driver IP20
100W Mains Dimmable LED Driver IP66
300W Mains Dimmable LED Driver IP66
200W Mains Dimmable LED Driver IP66