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TEUCERLUX – Artificial Skylight - Smart Artificial Daylight Solution

TeucerLUX brings the essence of natural daylight indoors through its award-winning line of artificial skylight panels designed to simulate sunlight where none exists. Mounted on ceilings, TeucerLUX integrates advanced LEDs, optics, and controls to mimic daylight realistically.

TeucerLUX transforms dark, windowless spaces by infusing them with bright, vivid illumination that closely imitates sunshine and sky shine. Adjustable intensity controls allow customizing the lighting from hazy dawn through vivid midday tones.

The line offers three main models: CloudView recreates a stunning clear blue sky with clouds; TrueBlue generates an impressive pure blue sky effect; LiveClouds produces graceful cloud formations that slowly drift across the panel.

With TeucerLUX, one can energize windowless offices, brighten dark basements or gyms, or bring sunshine anywhere lacking natural light. The panels’ customizable virtual daylight impacts productivity, mood, and wellbeing.

TeucerLUX with adjustable colour temperature and intensity can help synchronize circadian rhythms that regulate human wake/sleep cycles. This biologically-tuned lighting promotes better sleep, energy, and vibrancy.

TeucerLUX can infuse homes, offices, fitness centres or any dark space with the beauty and circadian benefits of natural daylight. Featuring three sky lighting models, the panels enhance environments with realistic virtual sky shine and sunlight.

Smart artificial daylight solution
600 x 600mm
Smart artificial daylight solution
1200 x 600mm
Smart artificial daylight solution
1500 x 300mm
TeucerLUX-2-120-120 LiveClouds
Smart artificial daylight solution
1200 x 1200mm