Warbodo illuminates treasured pieces and spaces with elegance using its line of sleek accent and directional lighting offered in 6-32W models. Beautiful metallic and matte finishes integrate Warbodo seamlessly into refined modern environments.

Ideal for galleries, boutiques, lounges, and upscale homes, Warbodo puts customizable brilliance at your fingertips to spotlight art, décor, textures, mirrors and more. Aiming the adjustable heads allows tailored directional lighting.

Warbodo produces clean, uniform illumination that showcases subjects and details without harsh glare. Bring out the best in paintings, sculptures, architectural accents, and displayed collections with Warbodo’s focused lighting artistry.

Stunning colour options like brushed gold, matte black, and brushed nickel allow matching any sophisticated interior aesthetic or palette. Even when not illuminated, Warbodo’s minimalist forms add elegance.

Make a contemporary design statement by accentuating your most treasured pieces and spaces with Warbodo’s lighting flair. Allow it to lend its refined brilliance to what inspires you.

Infuse modern art galleries, posh boutiques, hotel lobbies, or your own stylish home with Warbodo’s versatile accent lighting possibilities.

Mirror Light, 10-20W

Mirror Light, 5-12W


Mirror Light, 6-15W


Mirror Light, 10-15W