Wispy brings delicate, customizable illumination to small spaces with its line of mini downlights. Ranging from just 1.8W to 7W, Wispy fittings add refined accent lighting in compact areas.

Ideal for display cabinets, shelves, exhibit cases, and similar tight quarters, Wispy mini downlights install unobtrusively to highlight wares, designs, artwork, or architectural details. Low-profile round forms fit discreetly into confined locations.

Precision reflectors and diffusers shape Wispy’s LED light into narrow spotlights or wider flood beams perfect for close-range applications. Warm white to cool daylight temperatures as well as dimmable models provide further lighting customization.

With minimised size but maximised performance, Wispy mini downlights punch above their weight. Robust constructions withstand vibration and deliver long-lasting, flicker-free illumination. For wet areas, Wispy Wet Location fittings resist moisture ingress.

Whether used alone or complemented by additional lighting, Wispy mini downlights lend a touch of focused brilliance. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination. Add a sprinkling of accent light with Wispy.

When small-scale spaces demand refined, high-quality illumination, trust Wispy mini downlights to fit the need. Wispy casts just the right amount of light in compact confines.

Tilt Mini LED cabinet spotlight, 3-3.3W
Super Slim Cabinet COB Downlight, 3.5W
Mini and Exquisite LED Spot Light, 1.8-3.3W
Mini Led Spot Light, 3-7W