Zenitha spotlights spaces with elegance, using minimalist wall lights engineered to cast illumination upward or outward. Offered in 8W to 12W models with white or black casing options, Zenitha uplighting brings refined accentuating.

Sleek contemporary forms enable Zenitha to integrate subtly onto walls, discreetly recessing into architecture while providing gorgeous upward and side-angled wash lighting. Highlight textured ceilings, dramatically light coves, or illuminate hallway walls with flair.

Zenitha distributes even, uniform brightness across the entire mounted fixture to avoid uneven hotspots or glare. Warm white to cool daylight temperatures plus dimming allows customizing both quantity and feel of light.

Robust extruded aluminum construction passively cools integrated LEDs for lifelong consistent illumination without any decline in luminosity over time. Zenitha delivers striking uplighting durably.

Make a unique style statement by utilizing Zenitha to spotlight architecture from creative perspectives. Allow Zenitha’s angled wash lighting to reveal spatial textures and details in a fresh modern way that transforms environments.

Infuse residential or commercial spaces with Zenitha’s uplight originality. Let Zenitha wall fixtures showcase your distinct lighting vision.

Wall Light, 12W
Wall Light, 12W
Wall Light, 8W

Wall Light, 8W